A Redesign Helps Improve Your Small Business’ SEO Efforts

Redesign word written on wood block on wooden tableAs a small business, a successful search engine optimization (SEO) plan is critical for spreading the word about your products and ensuring customers are finding (and purchasing) your merchandise. This means in order to appeal to search engine algorithms, keep up with shifts in design trends, and remain responsive to changes in technology, you need to keep your small business website updated. However, most sites are outdated after just three to four years. Fortunately, MDPM Small Business Marketing knows how to redesign websites to better communicate with Google and showcase your products and services in their best possible light. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the importance of a redesign and the updates we can offer, including a mobile-first approach.

Is it Time to Update Your Website?

The fact is, more and more people are going online to do their shopping. So far, 69% of Americans have shopped online this year, and this is only going to rise with time. Studies show the market size for online shopping will hit four trillion this year, with nearly 91% of the USA shopping online by 2023. With that in mind, why risk having an outdated design cost your business potential customers? One study pointed out that 88% of customers think a detailed product page is key when making a purchase. Outdated webpages could make displaying your products less attractive and deter potential buyers, not to mention cause a negative impact on your search engine optimization. Old designs could be slow to load, may not be mobile-friendly, and could have content lacking in the proper link and keyword strategies. These factors could cause your site to fall in ranking, landing near the bottom of a search engine results page (SERP) and again, deterring potential buyers. If it’s been three years or more, you need to make changes, and we can help!

Making Sure Digital Changes Avoid Creating Problems for Your SEO Efforts

Our team is well-versed with technical expertise to ensure your new design reflects the latest design trends, SEO strategies, and changes in technology. We make sure no internal or external links lead to dead pages or 404 errors, remove duplicate content that could mar your SEO strategies, and make sure your links are indexed properly. The aesthetics are also taken into consideration, as a visually appealing presence makes or breaks a first impression. We incorporate new photos and layouts to ensure we’re displaying your merchandise and services in the best light while improving appeal to potential customers.

We Can Offer You A Brand-New Website, Too!

Sometimes a website is simply too outdated to be improved with a few minor tweaks. Instead, starting over may be the best option to help your small business, and we’re ready to help with that! We will interview you and make sure your new site provides an optimal digital presence with a beautiful, sleek user experience (UX) and SEO-rich content, including local business schema built into the backend of your small business website. The process also ensures your new pages are crafted with a mobile approach, which is crucial for successful search engine optimization!

The Benefits of Mobile-First

Mobile-friendly means the website can be accessed and viewed on a smartphone or tablet, but mobile-first means priority is being placed on this ability. Google practices mobile-first indexing, which gives preference to web content that is meant to be explored on a variety of screen sizes. Studies show that mobile conversion rates are only going to increase as more and more people rely solely on smartphones and tablets to shop online. Without this consideration, people may find looking at your content difficult and finding the information they need frustrating. You could lose potential buyers in a matter of seconds!

To help, we essentially build several versions of your website, each one created for a specific screen size, from smartphones to widescreen desktops. This process ensures that the webpages always look great no matter the screen size, and that the layout always ensures people find the information they need quickly and conveniently. With thorough quality checks for each size, we make sure nothing is lost in transition, and that you enjoy consistency in your various sizes and across your related social media pages too.

Mobile-First Indexing and Your SEO

Basically, when someone searches for services or products like yours, you want to land on the first SERP page. Even better, you want to be one of the first three results, as people rarely even make it to the bottom of page one before making a decision. Since Google rewards mobile-first sites with higher rankings on SERPs, we always make sure your redesign is responsive and ready to be viewed on multiple devices. As a result, you enjoy improved digital visibility, higher placement on SERPs, and hopefully, a new influx of customers ready to enjoy your services or products. If you have any questions about these services, or if you have an outdated homepage in need of a major facelift, then please let us know. We know how to formulate a custom SEO strategy and offer a mobile-first approach to rebuilding and redesigning your online content. Whether you need updates, a brand-new site, or have questions about your social media presence, we’re here to help!

MDPM Small Business Helps Update Your Online Content

We know that keeping your homepage and online content up-to-date with the latest design trends is the best way to showcase your products, instill confidence in potential customers, and hopefully, help your business grow. At MDPM Small Business Marketing, our team understands how to redesign and yes, even build a brand-new site for small businesses. To learn more about the process of updating webpage aesthetics and content, then call MDPM Small Business Marketing at 214-531-3006. While many states are opening up, a lot of people prefer to stay home when possible and not risk potential exposure to COVID-19. As a small business with an active web presence, you can still make your products available with a solid online marketing strategy, and we can help!