Every business has a brand image, and that image is important for attracting customers, building brand recognition, and creating consistency. From fonts and colors, to tag lines, to logos and images, your brand is the first impression that potential customers have of your business when they view your website, drive past your building, enter your office, receive an email, open a piece of printed mail, and more.

Creating a cohesive brand presence doesn’t happen by accident, and we have the expertise to help you build your brand from the ground up, or – in some cases – tweak the image you have already created. Are you a laid-back restaurant that welcomes families, or do you want to emphasize your potential as a romantic, high-end, date-night destination? Does your soothing spa convey that message with quiet colors, a mellow typeface, and a relaxing vibe? Does your HVAC company’s logo fit your image of being trustworthy, high-tech, and fast to respond?

Our branding process begins with a personal interview, where we discuss your vision, your products, and the logo, key phrases, images, and colors you want to use to convey that message from the first website visit, to the signage on buildings, your print materials, and the logo on the shirts of your sales people. When branding has been well thought out and consistently carried through your business presence online and off, you have a strong foundation to start reaching your target audience.