Reach More People With Custom Social Media

Custom Social Media Small BusinessThese days, it is more important than ever to manage and maintain your social media presence, both as an individual and as a business. With custom social media, you can communicate directly with the consumer, giving you new opportunities to show off your skills. Whether you are a restaurant owner or interior design firm, your community wants to know your name. If you are relying only on your website and physical marketing materials, you could be missing out on a key opportunity!

When you want to boost your outreach to local clients, speak with the team of digital marketing experts at MDPM Small Business Marketing about your strategy and techniques in posting. If you are just expecting your online presence to appear, you might be waiting for a while. Be proactive in your marketing strategy with unique social media posts and share what makes your small business special! (more…)

Your Digital Marketing Decisions Make A Difference

Small Business Owner Dallas TXAs the owner or operator of a small business, you understand the value of dedication, and when it comes to your digital marketing decisions, you should expect nothing less than that from your team. That’s why we focus on delivering you lasting results through a quality data-driven approach to content creation and site design.

When you need to increase your web presence, MDPM Small Business Marketing is here to help you understand the landscape and make better marketing decisions. With SEO-focused content, website creation, and more, our team can help you to spread your message further than ever before. The digital world is evolving, and small business owners are poised to take advantage of these shifts with smart and measured moves in developing an online strategy. From concept through to implementation, our team is here to help! (more…)

Website Mistakes That Hurt Your Small Business

Small businesses of all kinds depend on their online activities to reach customers. Whether yours sells products directly or simply helps you advertise and connect with people, you want your website to be easy to find and easy to use. Unfortunately, many business owners let problems with their sites go unresolved, hurting their reach and pushing away potential sales! Fortunately, the right site updates and a better commitment to organic SEO can help you correct the issues that are hurting your digital presence.

MDPM Consulting works with many small business owners to help them build and maintain websites that are more appealing to users and offer better overall visibility. We provide free evaluations to see what you could do to boost your SEO and have a more valuable site. In addition to helping you show up in more search engine results pages (SERPs), we can help you by providing a site with useful interactive features, improving your social media activity, and more! (more…)

Why Your Small Business Needs Original Content

small business original contentSuccessfully marketing your small business is a constant effort; you don’t create a great-looking website and then just leave it alone. Rather, you need to constantly evaluate, assess, and alter your strategies in order to drive more online traffic that then translates to profitable outcomes for your business. A great SEO strategy, for example, is always evolving to reflect Google’s changing algorithms and recommended best practices. Similarly, a successful content marketing strategy requires you to write and publish new articles and pages regularly. We know this can be a lot for you to balance as a small business owner, but we are here to help. In today’s blog, MDPM Small Business Marketing discusses the importance of original content and how to utilize it to increase your visibility.  (more…)

Make SEO Work For Your Small Business

small business seoAs a small business owner, you surely have a lot on your to-do list. You have to juggle maintaining the day-to-day while also making sure you stay on top of ever-evolving trends to ensure you stay competitive in your field. For instance, many business owners who have had their company for decades might not have originally believed they needed a website. Of course, as we all now know, it is essential. Similarly, understanding the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for remaining competitive and seeing your business flourish. In today’s blog, MDPM Small Business Marketing teaches you how to make SEO work for your small business. (more…)

Have You Reviewed Your Vendors Yet?

small business marketing dallasAs a small business, you don’t have a lot of room in your budget, and every dollar counts. Which is why MDPM Small Business Marketing recommends taking this time to assess your vendors, and make sure you’re using them properly and getting the most from extra services you’re paying for! We can help you with this process, and can also offer a number of extra services and interactive features for your company’s website.


Interactive Features Could Help Your Small Business Site

dallas small business marketing website

When the pandemic first started, many small businesses moved their market focus online, so people could order and pay without even leaving their house. Even as the pandemic wanes, these innovations are here to stay. Which is why MDPM Small Business Marketing continues to offer a host of interactive features that we could incorporate into your current website, or add as we update your outdated site!


Rebuilding And Rebranding Your Small Business

dallas rebrandingThe pandemic has been brutal for small businesses across the country, and now that things are gradually returning to a sense of normalcy, many businesses are ready to make a comeback. For many, this means making changes to their business model, changes that need to be reflected in their website and social media materials. Fortunately, MDPM Small Business Marketing has experienced, and recently helped Bombshells and Blowouts in Roanoke, TX with just such a reinvention!


Every Business (Including Yours) Needs A Website

small business website refreshOften, small business owners assume that a website isn’t really necessary for their company. However, experience has shown our team that all businesses, even if you’re doing it all on your own, benefit from a good website and an active social media presence. In today’s blog, MDPM Small Business Marketing talks about how a new site and social media helped our client HWB Services, and how we can help you too!


Does Your Small Businesses’ Branding Need A Makeover?

dallas small business brandingYour small business needs to be able to find your audience online, and also requires a solid branding and logo strategy to look professional and stand out from the crowd. MDPM Small Business Marketing recently completed a major branding and website makeover for Family Home Loan Texas, and in today’s blog will explain how this helps their marketing plan. Your small business could benefit from a branding makeover too, whether you’re new or established in your community!