Better Content Is the Key to Better SEO

Laptop with 'Content' listed on it and concept art of clouds and a spaceship taking off.When you use a search engine, you rarely look beyond that first page or beyond the first few results on that page. We trust Google, Bing, and Yahoo to direct our queries to relevant results. But how do they accomplish this? Well, Google and other search engines put a focus on the quality of the content on a website and frequently upgrade their algorithms to narrow this focus on quality over simply picking up on a handful of keywords and calling it a day. This means the key to better SEO and improving your small business’ ability to be discovered online is to improve the kind of information you put on your website. Fortunately, MDPM Small Business Marketing understands how to help improve your online marketing plan with content-focused SEO.

Beware of Outdated Strategies!

We’ve mentioned this before in prior blogs, but it bears repeating: your website’s design will likely be outdated after only three years. What people expect from the form and function of sites will change drastically in a short time, and as these factors shift, so does the algorithms for search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. When you don’t update your copy and design you ignore changes in web trends and your website ends up falling behind in search engine optimization, landing on lower and lower positions on a search engine results page (SERP). For example, a few years ago many businesses both large and small implemented strategies that put all focus on keywords and links with no regards to organics. The result? A lot of poorly written text and unhelpful sources for people searching online.

Since Google and others now focus on quality of content, these tactics no longer work and actually harm your optimization strategies, and as a result, your position on a SERP. MDPM Small Business Marketing understands this, and we believe in putting quality first as this not only helps you know but ensures your website remains relevant and easily-discovered even as algorithms change. We always keep up with the latest trend and make sure our clients are ready for them.

Creating Optimized Content

First, we’re going to make sure your copy – the words on the page – are well-written and original. We avoid duplicate copy and keyword stuffing, which harms SEO. We also provide a steady stream of new text and posts with blogs that help us provide keywords and internal links organically, showing search engines that you’re active and a source of quality information for users looking for your services or merchandise in their community. The longer people stay on your pages, the better your SEO. The fact is, you need people to find you online so they can buy your products, and content-focused SEO strategies help make sure you can be discovered with ease!

Improving Website Function

Copy is far from the only component of a successful online marketing strategy for small businesses. You also need a site that loads quickly and is easy to use on a number of devices! To improve loading speeds, we make sure to lighten the load of the images on your webpages, so you enjoy an eye-catching design that doesn’t slow function. We make sure your merchandise and product pages are easy to view and navigate, and often use single-page scrolling sites. Since Google rewards sites that are responsive – meaning they can be easily viewed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops – we create several versions to ensure optimal aesthetics and function on screens of any size. We know that online we’re presented with a number of options and people will absolutely judge a book by its cover, so we want your homepage to be modern, sleek, and showcase everything you have to offer your customers at a glance!

Metadata and Local Schema

To help improve function and discoverability, we also use metadata for each individual webpage, creating a unique title and description that appears on a SERP. For example, if you sell multiple kinds of products, each product page could have unique metadata. Then when people search for similar products in your community your metadata tells them exactly what is on the page at a glance so they may be more likely to visit your site and spend time there. We also incorporate local schema into the backend of your site, which is also information pulled by search engines for a business or map listing, including business name, physical address, hours of operation, and high-quality images. Combined with organic keywords, links, and original copy, this helps improve your search engine optimization strategy!

User Engagement

You also need to make sure your copy and webpages are ready to engage your audience, attracting page views and sales for your company. This means we need to know exactly who your customer base is! During your initial interviews, we will talk with you at length about your company, your products, and who buys them. With that knowledge, each member of our team will tailor the copy, function, and design to appeal to potential customers. We also help you maintain an active social media presence to further encourage engagement and page views. Again, these create more opportunities for links and blogs to be shared and higher rankings on a SERP. If you have any questions about creating a plan that helps your small company grow and attract new business online, then please contact our team today!

MDPM Small Business Marketing Provides Quality Content  

A focus on quality content over outdated keyword and link strategies could help your website gain more engagement and improve overall SEO. At MDPM Small Business Marketing, our team knows how to implement strategies that improve placement on a SERP so users have an easier time discovering you! To learn more about creating a successful online marketing plan, then call MDPM Small Business Marketing at 214-531-3006. Even though Google and other popular search engines will likely continue to make changes to their algorithms, these changes will only improve their focus on directing people to quality products, which ensures our strategies continue to help small companies!