Rebuilding And Rebranding Your Small Business

dallas rebrandingThe pandemic has been brutal for small businesses across the country, and now that things are gradually returning to a sense of normalcy, many businesses are ready to make a comeback. For many, this means making changes to their business model, changes that need to be reflected in their website and social media materials. Fortunately, MDPM Small Business Marketing has experienced, and recently helped Bombshells and Blowouts in Roanoke, TX with just such a reinvention!

Bombshells and Blowouts

Bombshells + Blowouts Salon is located in Roanoke, TX. They offer haircuts and salons services, including skincare, makeup and lashes, and a shop. They offer their clients the latest cuts and colors, creating the look they want! Like other small businesses, the pandemic threw a major wrench into their plans. Once vaccination rates rose and people started returning to normal, they had a unique opportunity to reinvent themselves as they built back. We helped by redoing their website, and making sure their new branding and logo was consistent across their social media accounts too.

Rebranding After the Pandemic

Some small businesses were forced to close temporarily, while others had to change their approach to their services. Now that normalcy is slowly returning, these businesses have a chance to assess what worked before, and whether it will work now in the post-pandemic environment. In the post-pandemic world, a major focus is on online shops and stores. If you’re a company looking to incorporate an online store, make it so people can schedule visits and appointments online, or just want to change your direction, we can help! We’ve worked with a number of businesses in the past few months to help them reinvent themselves for 2022 and beyond.

A Free Evaluation

We can help you too, and offer a FREE evaluation of your website and your online presence. The evaluation lets us assess your online footprint, and find out what you may need to update your website and make your content more accessible on social media. We can incorporate changes you want to make if your company will be reinventing itself post-pandemic. If you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule your free evaluation, then please contact our team today to schedule your initial interview. We’re happy to answer your questions, and always find a way to help small companies that fits within their budget and address their specific needs!

Talk to MDPM Small Business Marketing Today About Rebuilding Your Brand

The team at MDPM Small Business Marketing in Dallas, TX is ready to help you build back up after the pandemic! Contact our office at (214) 531-3006 for more details, or to schedule your first interview. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you make some major changes in 2022.